This label is our commitment to the cultivation of quality French peasant spirulina

We are committed to guaranteeing our customers a quality product, grown in France, with precise criteria to be respected, traceability from the basin to the final product, a commitment to ecological production that respects the environment, a concern constant quality of the finished product, and all this with a fair price for the producer and the customers

We established this label based on 10 criteria 

1 - The Production

The production of our spirulina is done exclusively in France on our farm in Verquières (13670) under our beautiful Provence sun.

We do not sell spirulina from other French producers or from outside France.

Our farm can be visited throughout the year. Our farm is a family SCOP. We manufacture our tablets on our farm.

Bagging is also done on our farm. To ensure traceability, we do everything on site, from the basin to the dispatch by post

2 - Culture

It is done in basins under glass greenhouses. Heat and light are provided by the sun only. We do not use heating or artificial lighting.

Our basins are agitated by paddle wheels with low power consumption. We use drinking water from a borehole for our culture.

3 - Culture monitoring

Our culture is reasoned and ecological. The inputs are made as close as possible to the needs of the spirulina. We regularly check the content of inputs in the culture medium (photometer analysis).

The pH is checked twice a week. This rigorous monitoring prevents us from purging the ponds during cultivation and avoids the accumulation of sulphate and nitrates in our ponds. We do not use nitrogen of animal origin (methanization of animal excreta) or vegetable (extraction of GMO soybeans)

4 - Harvest

We harvest from April to October respecting the rhythm of life of spirulina. The harvest is done in the morning by filtration through 20 micron sieves. Then the pressing consists in extracting by the vacuum pressure the water which is in the spirulina. Our pressing is gentle, without crushing the spirulina and respects the integrity of the spirulina cells.

5 - Drying

Once pressed, the dough obtained is transformed into spirulina spaghetti using a modified hydraulic pork butcher. The spaghetti is then placed on frames lined with food drip cloth and put in a solar dryer.

Our drying is gentle (max 40 °). It is done with air heated by the sun which, thanks to a fan, passes through a drying corridor. Our spirulina dries quietly and ecologically (low power consumption)

6 - Traceability

Each harvest from each basin is identified and packaged in a 4 kg bag.

A sample is taken from each bag and each harvest lot represents 50 bags. A sample of the lot as well as a sample from a bag of the lot taken at random are sent to the laboratory for microbiological analysis.

A batch is not marketed until it has been analyzed. The lot number is placed on each bag

7 - Analysis

For each batch we carry out a microbiological analysis in a COFFRAC accredited laboratory..

There are 3 hygiene criteria which tell us about the quality of our production process and 4 safety criteria which can lead to non-marketing of a batch if they are bad or positive.

8 - Finished products

Our spirulina comes in the form of twigs or flakes of a few millimeters that can also be transformed into powder.

From this powder we manufacture our tablets on our farm and we guarantee them without any adjuvant, binder, binder, chemical flavoring, film coating.

Our tablets are 100% SUN SPIRULINA and are dosed at 500mg (2 tablets are equal to 1g of spirulina).

9 - Marketing

We mainly sell on the internet from our website.

For flakes, powder and tablets we offer sachets of 30gr, 100g, 300gr, 500gr, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg. We ship by registered letter, Colissimo, Mondial Relay. You can pay by bank transfer, PayPal, credit card, check.

10 - Clearness

Our farm and our shop are open to the public all year round in VERQUIERES (13670).

Our farm can be visited by making an appointment to come preferably in the afternoon. We will explain our production method from the basin to the bagging of the finished product. You will be able to discover the spirulina seen under the microscope. We will answer all your questions.
Visits are free. We also welcome visits from groups or students. See you soon at the Spiruline du Soleil Farm

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