Energy for effort and slimming with the Spiruline du Soleil

Get back into Shape and find Vitality

Low in calories, Spiruline du Soleil contains more than 60 nutrients that provide you with the energy you need to get back into shape and toned.
Spiruline du Soleil will help you to practice a physical activity, by improving your resistance and your endurance, which will enable you to refine your figure.

Proteins and Iron

The excellent quality of the proteins in Spiruline du Soleil and its available iron content contribute to your well-being.

"Appetite suppressant" effect

In the case of a slimming diet, taking spirulina 1 hour before a meal can help curb the appetite.

How to take Spiruline

3 grams per day (one teaspoon of spirulina flakes or 6 tablets of 500 mg).
It is advised to take half a dose during the first days so the body adjusts.

Dosage and storage of Spiruline

An unopened bag can be kept for 2 years
A bag of 100 gr flakes or tablets is for a cure of 3 weeks to 1 month.

Spiruline "Flakes" (100 gr)

15.00 €


See product sheet
Spiruline "Tablets 500 mg" (100 gr)

18.00 €


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