Spiruline du Soleil : ideal for the whole family

Spiruline du soleil and you

Spirulina is a food perfectly suited for all family members at all stages of life.
Nutrients necessary for growth (calcium, beta-carotenes)
Strengthening of the immune system (phycocyanin)
Iron intake to reduce tiredness.
Regulation of the intestinal flora and improvement of your transit (chlorophyll pigments).
With age, when the appetite decreases, the intake of Spiruline du Soleil prevents deficiencies, thanks to its high nutrient content.

Pregnancy and children

There is no contraindication to taking spirulina during pregnancy.
Its iron intake prevents deficiencies due to pregnancy.
Testimony of our daughter Marie: "Taking Spiruline du Soleil before the beginning and during my pregnancies allowed me to always have good blood tests and not to feel very tired. After giving birth, I recovered quickly and my 2 daughters have always been in great shape."

How to take Spirulina

The consumption of Spirulina is variable according to the weight of the child, for example 1 gram for a child of 10 kg, 2 grams for a child of 20 kg, ...
small fun recipes for children: cut slices of fruit (bananas, kiwis, apples) that you decorate with a few flakes of spirulina, or you can also mix it with fruit compote.
A honey sandwich with a few flakes of spirulina, let your imagination run wild ! The aim is to combine pleasure and well-being !!
For adults 3 to 5 grams of flakes and 6 to 10 tablets per day.

Storage of Spiruline

Keep Spiruline du Soleil in its original bag at room temperature (do not store in the refrigerator).

Spiruline, an ally of the whole family!
Spiruline "Flakes" (100 gr)

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Spiruline "Tablets 500 mg" (100 gr)

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