La spiruline du Soleil : your ideal sports partner.

La Spiruline du soleil partner of your efforts

The Spiruline du Soleil is a very good source of proteins, it is composed of more than 60% of amino acids that promote its assimilation. These amino acids promote quick muscular mass increase.
As it contains a lot of iron, the blood is better oxygenated.
Spiruline du Soleil reduces the production of lactic acid in the muscles, allowing a faster recovery.

How to take Spiruline

In flakes or tablets.
Several packagings are available, in particular 500 gr or per kilo for greater daily consumption at a more affordable rate to prepare for your sporting challenges !!
You can integrate it in vegetable or fruit juices which will give you a multi-vitamin cocktail. To be consumed at breakfast or lunch preferably.
To preserve the benefits of spirulina, it is advisable not to cook it, but you can add it to hot dishes (pasta, soups, etc. ...).

Dosage and storage of Spiruline

A dose of 5 gr per day is recommended, either in tablets or flakes. Some athletes in training or during competitions, take up to 10 grams per day.

Spirulina is preserved in its packaging which is designed to guarantee the quality of the product (Spirulina is sensitive to air and light).

"Mother-daughter" race

"Spiruline du Soleil" team
Bag of Spirulina "Flakes" (1 kg)

110.00 €


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Bag of Spirulina "Tablets" (1 kg)

140.00 €


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