Family and local Spirulina production

Spiruline du soleil in Provence

Our story with spirulina began in 2007 after reading an article in the Agriculteur Provencal.
After consuming it and seeing its benefits, we then decided to transform our vegetable farm into spirulina production by setting up 1000m2 of reservoirs.

It was the beginning of a beautiful adventure which, thanks to all our customers, continues to this day and we improve every day to offer you a quality product at the fairest price.
NWe work as a family, Robert the father, Annick, the mother and Marie the daughter.

Production method of Spiruline du Soleil

Our production reservoirs are sheltered under glass greenhouses, stirred by impellers. Our region is naturally favourable for the production of spirulina. The renewable energy of our generous sun heats our reservoirs, activates the photosynthesis of spirulina and allows a low drying temperature at 40 degrees.

Control and organic certification of Spiruline du Soleil

We are committed with the Federation of Spiruline Growers of France to the "Organic Spirulina" approach, we are progressing slowly but steadily to establish true French Organic Spirulina. We will keep you regularly informed about the progress of our certification.

The water used in our reservoirs comes from the drilling of our house, it is the water that we consume every day, we have it analysed regularly.
For each batch of finished product, we have microbiological analyses carried out by an accredited laboratory.

Consult our latest analyses

Sale of Spiruline in flakes and Spiruline in tablets

We sell our spirulina as flakes or tablets.
We manufacture our tablets ourselves and guarantee they are additive-free.
All our bags are vacuum-packed for optimal conservation, they are available in 100 gr, 300 gr, 500 gr and 1 kilo packaging.
Option to purchase up to 5 kg.
A 100 gr bag for a minimum 1-month cure is recommended to appreciate the effects.

The stirring of the reservoirs promotes the photosynthesis of spirulina.
Spiruline "Flakes" (100 gr)

15.00 €


See product sheet
Spiruline "Tablets 500 mg" (100 gr)

18.00 €


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