La spiruline du Soleil : Consumer information

A few explanations

Today there are more and more spirulina of different brands and it is often very difficult to obtain important information by reading the labels or viewing the websites, we will try to give you some explanations.

Who produces "what and where"

It's important to know where what you're consuming comes from. Apart from the spirulina produced by small French producers, almost all the spirulina found in stores or online are industrially produced in China, India, Hawaii, the USA or South America. This rarely appears on the labels and, on websites, you have to open several pages to hope getting the information.
For Spiruline du Soleil, it's transparent. We tell you everything, our address, our details and you can even visit our farm.

Industrial spirulina or Spiruline du Soleil

Industrial Spirulina (China, India, Hawaii, USA, ...) is produced in large outdoor reservoirs (risk of contamination or various types of pollution). Then the spirulina is washed (?), vaporised at 200 bars and dried at high temperature (180°) by industrial atomisation. It is then sold as powder (capsules) or tablets (with additives).
With the Spiruline du Soleil everything is different, we produce under glass greenhouses (protected basins), we harvest when the reservoirs have the right concentration, we dry at low temperature (max 40°) with air heated by the sun. Everything is done to guarantee you a quality product.

Industrial ORGANIC spirulina or Ecological Spiruline du Soleil

ORGANIC sells today and is claimed everywhere. Spirulina is no exception to this trend, for organic industrial spirulina produced in China, India, Hawaii, ... and certified organic under the regime of equivalence, we must question the "organic" criteria that are used: is it organic to dry at 180 ° using fossil fuels and travel 10,000 km to arrive in France?
For the Spiruline du Soleil, local production, we have always had the most ecological approach possible: the sun warms our pools, promotes photosynthesis, dries our spirulina. We control the quality of our growing environment and thus reduce emptying of our reservoirs to a minimum. We are engaged in the "ORGANIC certification" process with the Federation of Spiruline Growers of France to obtain a "TRUE" ORGANIC spirulina.
We will keep you informed of the progress of our work.

Purchase price and weight

Before you buy, you should compare several criteria:
For a purchase price, always compare the quantity of product.
For flakes or powder, it is relatively easy to find the weight indicated on the packaging. For tablets or capsules, it is already more difficult to get the information and especially how to interpret it, here is how to do it:
It is necessary to know the number of tablets and their dosage.

Spiruline du Soleil Industrial Spiruline online
Purchase price 18 € 5,99 € the pot
Tablets 200 tablets dosed at 500mg 45 tablets dosed at 400 mg
Spirulina dose 100 grams 18 grams
Price for 100 gr 18 € 33,27 €

As this table shows, a cheap purchase price can actually be twice as expensive as the Spiruline du Soleil for 100 grams.
To check before you buy

Spiruline "Flakes" (100 gr)

15.00 €


See product sheet
Spiruline "Tablets 500 mg" (100 gr)

18.00 €


See product sheet
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