Well-being and Vitality with the Spiruline du Soleil


The natural pigments, chlorophyll, phycocyanin contained in the Spiruline du Soleil help to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins. These pigments increase the red blood cells contained in the blood.
The intake of iron contained in Spiruline du Soleil, will make you feel stronger.
The contribution of B vitamins and magnesium contained in the Spiruline du Soleil promotes better sleep and reduces stress.
Spirulina is known to act on our immune system and helps to naturally improve our defences.
The Spiruline du Soleil has an action on the intestinal flora and allows the improvement of the transit.

Feel good in your body, feel good in your mind


The action of phycocyanin, beta-carotene and vitamins A, E, antioxidants ... delays skin ageing, promotes healthy skin and contributes to the beauty of nails and hair.

How to take Spiruline

Spiruline in flakes is easily integrated in nutrition:

  • At breakfast, in a yoghurt or fruit compote, at lunch on salads or vegetables.
  • To preserve the benefits of Spirulina, it is advisable not to cook it.

Dosage and storage of Spiruline

A dose of 3 to 5 gr/day is recommended.
Keep in its original packaging and do not refrigerate.

Spiruline "Flakes" (100 gr)

15.00 €


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Spiruline "Tablets 500 mg" (100 gr)

18.00 €


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